We are winding down after Erin and Justin’s wedding which was a long weekend of celebration around June 25th. Everything happened just the way it was supposed to. The food was great, the band was spectacular, the bride and groom were stunning, the weather was perfect.  And the guests were a delight, family and friends gathered to celebrate this happy event.  

As always the farm seems to absorb any number of visitors. One could not believe we had over 80 people from all quarters of the globe camping in Sleepy Hollow. We loved hosting the party in our barn! We also learned that wherever you hang a disco ball, the party starts! Our barn became the after party place on Friday and Saturday night with revelers dancing until the sky began to brighten!

The July 4th weekend was a quiet one with Jan and Greg getting back to the routine and finally paying more attention to us! The tea lights (still glowing!) along the driveway, hanging in the trees around the pond and in Sleepy Hollow, along with the prayer flags are the only remaining evidence of the celebration!

It really was a lot of fun meeting so many new friends, thanks to so many who made it a success.